7 consumer trends to prepare for in 2021

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Tia Best and Pui-Tien Man from Streetbees share their predictions for consumer behaviour across FMCG categories in this webinar. 

Tired of hearing ‘we’re living in unprecedented times'? Us too! Why? Because we are also living in an age where AI and machine learning are enabling brands to decode trends like never before. 

Streetbees’ AI-powered human intelligence platform used data collected from their community of 3.5 million consumers to uncover opportunities for brands to capitalize on in 2021.

Join Tia Best, Client Strategy Director and Pui-Tien Man, Associate Client Strategy Director at Streetbees, as they share their top seven predictions for consumer behavior across FMCG categories like food and beverage, home care, and hygiene.

Register to learn:

  • How to reposition and expand categories into spaces that are thriving
  • Why it is imperative for brands to the advantage of the ‘homebody’ attitude and its rippling effects
  • The best ways to respond authentically to recessionary behaviors and coping mechanisms
  • How to meet consumers’ new demands for variety from eCommerce

Watch the webinar ‘7 consumer trends to prepare for in 2021'.