NEWS19 July 2012

Zeebox publishes consumer research data

Features UK

UK — Zeebox, the social TV provider co-created by BBC iPlayer developer Anthony Rose, has released all the results of its latest sample research in the UK and US for anyone to analyse and offer feedback.

The company says it has has published the survey data in order to generate feedback from other market participants. You can access the research here. It was conducted by Lightspeed Research “amongst a representative sample” and analysed and published by David Boyle, Zeebox director of insight.

Among its findings is statistics about mobile operating systems. In the UK 28% of users have Android phones, 13% iPhones, 13% Blackberry and 7% Windows. More specificallywhile watching TV 46% use email, 41% visit social networking sites and 13% use Twitter. In addition 25% say they look up information on the TV show’s subject or topic, 21% look up information on the cast or crew, and 14% visit the show’s website, while 7% of respondents say they often use an app from the TV show that they’re watching.

Earlier this year BSkyB acquired a 10% stake in Zeebox, in a move that gives the broadcaster exclusive rights to use Zeebox’s technology in its own apps and exclusively sell the firm’s ad inventory. While no sum was officially disclosed, Zeebox chief executive Ernesto Schmitt tweeted that BSkyB parted with more than $15m (£9.7m) in the deal.