NEWS20 August 2014

ZappiStore partners with Replise to add social media tools

News UK

UK — Online research platform, ZappiStore, has added Mind Radar and Social Scan social media assessment tools from Replise to its research tools.

Mind Radar delivers metrics on what people feel about similar products, what motivates conversations in a particular product category and detects long term consumer trends. Social Scan compares share of buzz, distribution and brand penetration and what channels are most effective to market a brand.

Lefty Balogh, head of communications and partnerships at Replise said: “We have worked hard with ZappiStore to be able to launch our two most popular social media intelligence reports online. We had to take into account all the factors of an online marketplace as well as the expectations of the target audience. The secret ingredient is the qualitative approach to social media. It makes use of the multitudes of social media voices to understand the gist of a given category.”