NEWS19 August 2021

YPulse expands surveys to UK and Europe

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US – Youth insight and research agency YPulse is adding the UK and several Western European countries to its youth insights panel.

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The expanded platform, which currently covers North America – the US and Canada – will include respondents aged 13-39 in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, from 1st September.

The additional geographical coverage will include insight articles, news feeds, brand tracking and behavioural and trend reports focused on young people in Western Europe.

Expanding to the new countries will mean YPulse conducts around 230,000 surveys annually in total across North America, the UK and Europe.

Dan Coates, president and chief executive, YPulse, said: “Our current Fortune 500 subscribers are eager to make breakthrough business decisions based on accurate youth insight outside of the US and our coverage will further expand to eventually encompass 32 countries worldwide.”