NEWS6 April 2010

Yankee Group owner invests $10m to fund research into ‘Anywhere Revolution’

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US— Yankee Group’s owner has pumped $10m into the technology market research firm, with funds earmarked for increasing staff numbers twofold over the next couple of years.

Emily Nagle Green

Emily Nagle Green

The investment from private equity firm Alta Communications comes as Yankee Group chief executive Emily Nagle Green looks to move to the role of chairman and hire a replacement CEO, allowing her to focus on “evangelism and external market work”.

Green has been with the Yankee Group since November 2005, when Alta and partners bought the agency from the Decision Matrix Group, which in turn acquired it from news and information provider Reuters in May 2004.

Yankee’s research is centred around communications technology and what it calls the ‘Anywhere Revolution’ – a world in which digital communications, broadband internet access and ubiquitous wireless networks mean people are constantly connected to everyone and everything of importance to them.

‘Anywhere’ was the title of Green’s first book, which was published earlier this year and explores the impact of global connectivity on the business world.

“Opportunities in the communications sector leveraging a global Anywhere Network are taking off; our own forecasts show that the Anywhere Economy will grow to almost $1 trillion by 2013,” says Green.