NEWS28 May 2020

WPP partners with SuperAwesome on children’s online privacy

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UK – WPP and children’s tech platform SuperAwesome have set up a global partnership to protect children within online advertising. 


WPP said the partnership would see the company set a benchmark for digital privacy and safety standards in children’s advertising.

The partnership will also allow the two organisations to support brands with new privacy laws passed in Europe, the US and UK to protect children online.

WPP agencies and clients will have access to SuperAwesome’s engagement platform and insights tools as part of the agreement, including its KidAware certification programme that ensures online engagement complies with the latest privacy legislation and advertising standards.

Mark Read, chief executive of WPP, said: “We’re already seeing big changes in family life as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and how we all interact with technology.

“WPP’s partnership with SuperAwesome is part of our commitment to ensure children’s safety while engaging with content online.”

Dylan Collins, chief executive of SuperAwesome, said: “It’s a business imperative to evolve how we interact with and support the under-16 audiences, especially as their digital consumption patterns will be forever changed by their Covid-19 experiences.

“We are proud to be working with WPP and their clients to proactively lead best practices for kid-safe digital engagement everywhere.”