NEWS6 January 2012

What are you looking at? CrowdOptic wants to know

North America Technology

US— A company has developed a mobile application that tracks where fans at sporting events are aiming their mobile phone cameras so as to monitor shifts in their focus of attention.

CrowdOptic, the firm behind the technology, plans to use the data to roll out what it calls “focus-based services” – effectively, hyper-targeting ads at people based on what they are looking at.

“Fans sitting elbow-to-elbow in a stadium might at the same moment receive completely different ads, broadcasts and offers on their mobile phones,” the company said.

For consumers, the incentive to use the CrowdOptic app is that it uses augmented reality to relay information on the performers and sports stars that fans are pointing their phones at.

The firm has also hired former San Francisco 49ers player Jim Kovach (pictured) as chief operating officer. Chief executive officer Jon Fisher said: “Jim is a key addition who will lead our company’s efforts to revolutionise the live sports mobile experience with our technology.”