NEWS14 April 2010

Welsh Assembly Government to award £10,000 research grants

Government UK

UK— The Welsh Assembly Government is looking to award research grants of up to £10,000 as part of its New Ideas social research fund.

Grants will be awarded to research projects that offer insight into social problems that the Assembly Government needs to address, and findings will be used to help shape future policy.

Social Justice Minister Carl Sargeant (pictured) said: “Organisations can often provide us with information that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This fund is a great way of getting the information that we need to develop services in the right way.”

The Assembly Government awarded 19 similar grants last year, including one to Save the Children which looked at how organisations can work together to improve educational support for children in disadvantaged areas. This year, the Assembly has £200,000 to spend on the project.

Sargeant said: “This year, in keeping with the Assembly Government’s commitment to work closer across our public services to achieve better results, I have broadened the scope of the fund to include projects on public sector improvement.”

More details about the grants can be found here.



12 years ago

Would it not be better to spend every spare penny on building houses rather than all this 'research'?

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12 years ago

Yes we need houses, but we also need to ensure that Wales keeps its researchers to compete on the world stage; I wouldn't want to see Welsh researchers having to move away just to find work.

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