NEWS1 September 2016

WeatherAlpha and Drawbridge partner on weather-based targeting

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US — WeatherAlpha and Drawbridge have announced that they have formed a partnership to target consumers across devices with weather-related messages. 

WeatherAlpha was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping clients to understand the impact of weather on their business. The company aggregates raw data sets from private and publicly available sources and creates proprietary sets of weather data to allow marketers to connect with potential customers. 

WeatherAlpha’s partnership with Drawbridge, an anonymised cross-device identity company, is intended to allow agencies and advertisers to dynamically target consumers with weather-related messages. 

“Pairing local weather conditions with consumers’ needs results in more relevant messages and ultimately drives purchases, and we’re proud to make this data firehose available to other platforms, including Drawbridge,” said Carl Weber, WeatherAlpha’s director of business development.

“Today’s digital marketers are already employing demographic, psychographic, dynamic, and geographic targeting. Environmental targeting, as we like to call it, is a natural next step to reaching consumers in the right time, place, and mindset.”