NEWS21 February 2020

VR/AR opportunities for brands

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UK – Two-fifths of UK adults have used augmented ( 39%) or virtual ( 38%) reality to test or view a product they’re considering, according to the latest research from the DMA.

Young girl virtual reality VR_crop

These findings are particularly high, given that access and ownership to virtual reality (VR) headsets fell year-on-year from 12% in 2018 to 9% last year.

VR technology adoption is being driven by younger consumers, with 22% of 25- to 34-year-olds claiming to own one of these devices, according to DMA’s insights published in its ‘Future Trends: A New World of Experience’ research, in partnership with the Foresight Factory.

Tim Bond, head of insight at the DMA, said: “Mixed reality technologies, like AR and VR, hold huge potential for organisations to offer customers new ways to bring their brand to life, whether that’s by transporting them to another reality or enhancing the one they’re in.

“However, it’s also important for marketers to always put the customer at the heart of these experiences and offer them something they will value. Brands must also consider how they can maintain consistency across the digital and physical worlds they now inhabit.”

The research also pointed to the rise of gamification. The number of UK consumers that have used an app to motivate themselves to ‘stick to a personal goal’ reached nearly half of people in 2018 ( 45%).