NEWS13 November 2015

Voxter launches in UK

New business News UK

UK — A new communication research tool, Voxter, has been launched in the UK by its founders Ronny Razin and Piers Aitman.

Aimed at marketing agencies, HR departments, corporate and public sector organisations, founding director Ronny Razin (pictured), Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics said: “Voxter has the engagement and authenticity of social media and focus groups with the controlled statistical analysis of quantitative research.”

“We have been trailing and perfecting Voxter for close on two years now and we have had a series of excellent projects to enable the fine tuning, soft launch phase,” added Piers Aitman, founding director of Voxter. 

Voxter can be used for market research, opinion polling, brand engagement, change management and crowd sourcing and the software outputs a mix of data that can be filtered in many ways to gain qualitative insights backed up with hard data.

Razin’s research focuses on models of group deliberation and decision making while Aitman has 20 years’ experience in the design industry, from managing projects, to design for print and digital media, to front end and back end coding.