NEWS25 June 2009

Voodoo puts Vice-like grip on youth trend watchers


UK— A reader research project for trends bible Vice Magazine has handed London-based qual ageny Voodoo Research a ready-made panel of what they describe as “future-focused” individuals.

The Vice work wrapped up in March and participants were invited to join the IC panel and take part in further face-to-face and online research. Around 350 “opinionated, brand-savvy” 16- to 30-year-olds agreed to do so.

Voodoo boasts that IC members are typically hard to reach. Joint managing director Vaughan Flood told Research: “These people are not ‘typical’. They are the kind of people who are big brands’ harshest critics.”

As well as the more traditional research, Voodoo said panellists can also take on a ‘roving reporter’ role in research projects, offering a youth perspective on events and trends in major towns and cities across the UK.