NEWS2 July 2013

VisualDNA kicks off beta for emotional analytics tool

Data analytics UK

UK — Online audience profiling firm VisualDNA has launched a beta for its new WHYanalytics platform, which segments website visitors according to their emotive characteristics.


VisualDNA has built an image-based survey system that gauges respondents’ feelings according to which pictures they select from a grid. It then uses this information to sort people into specific consumer segments.

For WHYanalytics, website traffic is analysed and matched to VisualDNA’s database, allowing visitors to be categorised according to one of 113 different emotive segments across 12 verticals. For example, under the ‘general interest’ vertical, VisualDNA identifies ‘gamers’ as predominantly male, aged 18–20 with no children, while ‘family focused’ individuals tend to be female, aged 40–49 with up to four children.

Shaun Jordan, digital sales director for Trinity Mirror, said: “Brands define audiences by emotive characteristics, but most existing analytics tools just give you basic demographic information. The more we know about our audience, the better we can meet brand campaign briefs and monetise our inventory.”