NEWS23 September 2013

Vision One launches emotion response measurement

Data analytics UK

UK — Market and advertising research specialist Vision One has launched an emotional response measurement for advertising.

AdProbe measures the performance of advertising (including TV and radio) against seven emotional triggers, to deliver an overall emotional intensity index that is linked to both purchase intentions and overall advertising effectiveness.

The measurement can be used in pre-testing and on-going campaign tracking, and has been engineered for focus groups to help the creative development process, as well as aiming** to give advertisers an insight into the concept of ‘brand fame’ and the potential for their advertising to create a buzz among their target audiences.

Tony Lewis, Vision One managing director, said: “Great advertising should be memorable, persuasive, emotional and linked to the brand, and this has to be set in the context of the communication strategy and advertising objectives. However, existing research techniques can make it very difficult for brand owners to know if they have truly succeeded on all or any of these points.



11 years ago

Emotion is now widely accepted as one of the most important factors in generating a return on investment - to find out more about AdProbe and how to define and measure Emotion, then find out more at

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11 years ago

Interesting, but I have to say, their collection mechanism seems a bit -- well -- dull. Solutions like seem to make this a whole lot more straighforward.

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