NEWS29 January 2013

Vision Critical unveils platform to track brand value in real-time

North America Technology

US — Vision Critical has partnered with business intelligence specialists MicroStrategy and cloud analytics firm Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) to release a Brand Equity Relationship Assessment (BERA) platform that aims to help bridge the gap between marketing initiatives and financial results.

BERA aims to provide Vision Critical clients with a real-time assessment of over 4,000 brands across 200 categories and allow them to understand the impact of branding decisions based on current trends and predictive forecasts for the future. It will combine consumer views, analyst opinions, stock market valuations and investment analytics.

The platform will work by linking consumer perception of a brand to key drivers such as changes in product, pricing, communications distribution and service, so that firms can better understand the implications of current business decisions and those to come, including the level and allocation of marketing investments.

Scott Miller, group CEO of Vision Critical (pictured), said: “It was client enthusiasm at our recent summits that led to the launch of BERA…[they wanted] to connect their ongoing customer conversations to the current and future economic value of their brand.”