NEWS16 November 2023

Verve launches AI personas for research


UK – Cultural, human and artificial intelligence (AI) company Verve has introduced a new product for its AI consultancy to build customised personas for clients.

AI abstract image

The tool, called Intelligent Personas, uses AI and datasets to create personas that respond in ways that represent the views of their source segment.

Verve founder and chief executive Andrew Cooper said that Intelligent Personas would help tackle respondent fraud in research, with the model built on a customer representative dataset.

Cooper said: “The models provide an answer to the conundrum of how to get research done that is methodologically robust, but rather dull to take part in.

“AI-respondents can be applied to onerous or repetitive research projects, freeing up the valuable time of real people for more strategic insight requirements.”

Richard Preedy, executive director of proposition at Verve, added: “Think of it as a new kind of market simulation: AI models trained from high quality and regularly updated client datasets – and used knowingly as an alternative to asking human respondents.

“As another means to reach niche or traditionally difficult to recruit audiences, it really is the next frontier of insight.”