NEWS20 July 2016

User retention biggest challenge for mobile gaming

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US – As gamers rush to download Pokémon Go, a report from Verto Analytics makes sober reading for games developers.

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Game interest seems to quickly wane, with only 10 – 20% of all game downloads still having active users after 30 days. Depending on the mobile game, 40 – 60% of users drop off within the first full day post download. 

Leveling up Your Mobile Game: Using Audience Management Data to Boost User Acquisition and Engagement found that while gaming is a bit factor in app downloads – mobile gamers make up 57% of all mobile app users – less than 3% of active players are making in-app purchases.

In total US app users spend 1.15 billion hours each month playing games on their phones and tablets, with only social networking accounting for more hours. However the average mobile gamer only accesses one game per day.

Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, CEO and founder, Verto Analytics, said: “Consumers are downloading and playing games on their mobile devices in staggering numbers, and the old gamer stereotypes from the days of video game consoles no longer apply. The demographics, use patterns, and context of use of today’s mobile gamer look quite different.”