NEWS30 March 2010

US Postal Service unveils new customer experience measurement

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US— The US Postal Service (USPS) has overhauled its customer experience measurement system to allow more detailed assessment of its four main touchpoints: receiving mail, sending mail, visiting the post office and contacting the Postal Service.

Customers are able to rate services using either an online or a postal survey. The Postal Service says it has hired an independent research agency to run the research, though it has not revealed which one. Calls to find out have gone unanswered.

Delores Kettle, USPS vice president and consumer advocate, said in a statement: “Through added insights and actionable data, customer experience measurement will help the Postal Service more precisely identify customer needs across all channels and find new ways to provide greater customer service.

“We will now be measuring and reporting on areas that really matter to our customers, and this information will help Postal Service managers take actions to improve service.”

The new measurement was introduced for the Postal Service’s first fiscal quarter, which ran between 1 October 2009 and 31 December 2009.


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10 years ago

As a suggestion: Get rid of Priority mail because expected delivery date is rarely accomplished making the delivery no better than First Class mail. Expected delivery is deceiving the public at a cost of about 10xs first class.

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