NEWS26 November 2019

US census receives funding in continuing resolution

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US – Market research industry organisation the Insights Association has welcomed a temporary spending bill that includes additional funding for the 2020 census.

US census questionnaire

The continuing resolution, a short-term measure to avert a government shutdown, contains increased funding for the decennial census next year, which the Insights Association said improves the likelihood of preparations for the census being completed.

It also lays the groundwork for the completion of full-year funding for the census before the end of the year, according to the organisation.

The resolution, which was signed by Donald Trump on 21st November, delays the prospect of a government shutdown until 20th December. It gives the Census Bureau an operational spending rate of $7.3bn (during the continuing resolution period) and also includes funding for mobile questionnaire assistance centres.

The Insights Association continues to lobby for final full-year funding for the census.

Howard Fienberg, vice-president of advocacy at the organisation, said: "The results in this latest legislation set the bar for funding at a reasonable level. The trick remains to finalise the Census Bureau’s appropriations so that the decennial headcount can get underway without hesitation and produce the most accurate data possible, for the country, and for the marketing research and data analytics industry."