NEWS8 July 2014

Upsight launches GeoTrigger for real-time mobile marketing

News North America

US — The mobile analytics and marketing platform, Upsight, has released GeoTrigger, designed to help marketers identify the location of their users at any given moment for the most relevant mobile campaigns.

Upsight GeoTrigger uses its analytics platform to identify where users are when they are most engaged with an app. This is done with frequent login locations and common purchase spots for example. Mobile marketers can then use this data to design mobile marketing campaigns targeted to specific user segments at precisely-defined locations.

As smartphone users increasingly use their phones for everything from finding a restaurant to checking a deal in a shop, the opportunity to use that data — be it through offers, rewards or exclusive information — grows. And it’s not just marketers wanting to maximise the data; 42% of mobile users now expect a mobile app to be designed for their convenience and that apps should take advantage of location according to a survey from Forrester.

GeoTrigger’s web-based marketing dashboard allows marketers to use custom heat maps to identify where users are interacting with a map; define geographic boundaries to trigger marketing campaigns and schedule follow-up push notifications among other things.

Grindr uses the platform and Matt Norris its head of product said: “With more than seven million users, we manage one of the largest location-based social networks in the world. GeoTrigger connects our users with relevant, hyper-local content from businesses in their own communities.”