NEWS9 April 2018

Unlimited restructures agency organisation

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UK – Marketing services group Unlimited is undergoing a restructure, organising its 27 agencies into seven disciplines, including insight and analytics.

Unlimited group new logo rebrand_crop

The other divisions are: health, customer engagement, brand, digital transformation, B2B and technology, and CRM and acquisition.

The new positioning is aimed at bringing creative disciplines closer with customer insight and analytics, according to the company. The group has released a new visual identity (pictured), which represents each of the disciplines.

The move follows the merging of Unlimited’s insight agencies – ICM Direct, ICM Unlimited and Marketing Sciences Unlimited, incorporating neuroscience arm Walnut Unlimited – to form the new Walnut Unlimited in December 2017.

As part of the restructure, Walnut Unlimited is one of the agencies the group has dubbed ‘power brands’ – along with Health Unlimited, TMW Unlimited, Fever Unlimited, Splendid Unlimited, Nelson Bostock Unlimited, Prophecy Unlimited – which align with the seven disciplines.

ICM Unlimited, the company’s public sector and social research division, sits underneath Walnut to form the insight and analytics division. Jane Rudling, as managing director of Walnut Unlimited, heads up the division.

Other ‘specialist brands’ sitting underneath the group’s ‘power brands’ include creative agency 18Feet&Rising and Navigate Unlimited.

The company said the new structure would make it simpler for clients to access the network’s skillsets at a group level.

While most of Unlimited’s agencies are based at the group’s headquarters in Soho, Walnut Unlimited staff are split between London and Winchester, and others are located elsewhere, such as Prophecy Unlimited, which remains in Bristol. Health Unlimited, meanwhile, also has offices in New York.

Unlimited Group dropped ‘Creston’ from its name in October 2016. In December that year, the company went private following a £75.8m sale to investment firm Dbay.

Tim Bonnet, group president at Unlimited Group, said: “Going private enabled Unlimited Group to think longer-term and really work out what clients need. Our size means we can move quickly, and we now have a distinct agency offering capable of maximising the opportunities offered by today’s fast-moving marketplace.

"We are the only agency in town where our neuroscientists share the same canteen as our brand creatives, and it’s this mixing of disciplines, of people, that’s key to reaching the holy grail of integration.”

Ryan Wain, chief marketing officer at Unlimited Group added: “As the too-big, too-greedy global holding companies slowly self-implode, airing their dirty laundry in public, the Unlimited Group is offering clients a breath of fresh air.”

The company is also launching an apprenticeship scheme to attract diverse candidates and introducing employee training schemes to help bring different disciplines together.