NEWS13 December 2011

UK web analytics to top £100m, says Econsultancy

Data analytics UK

UK— The UK web analytics market is set to grow by 12% in 2011, taking its value to more than £100m, according to a new report from Econsultancy.

Analyst Andrew Warren-Payne said: “The profile of web analytics continues to grow as it becomes more integral to business decision-making and organisational strategy. This has been demonstrated by the actions of major players such as Adobe, IBM, and Google, who have been making heavy investments.”

He added: “As marketers are asked to become ever-more accountable, web analytics provides the opportunity for a measurable return on investment and deeper customer insight.”

Some of the trends highlighted in the Web Analytics Buyer’s Guide include an increased need for skilled analysts to draw insight from data, an increase in businesses focusing on integrating web analytics with business intelligence and marketers seeking a new layer of insight from social analytics, which is increasingly being built into web analytics products.

A sample version of the report can be downloaded here.