NEWS10 January 2017

UK Gen Z proves most difficult to engage

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UK — Generation Z (aged 16-19 ) is more difficult to engage than other generations, especially in the UK, according to new research from Kantar Millward Brown. 

Young people

The new global AdReaction study reveals that, among those people who skip ads, Gen Z skip three seconds faster per ad on average than Gen X (aged 35-49 ). 

In the UK, Gen Z is even harder to connect with – and are significantly less receptive to all media – than global Gen Z, with the exception of product placement and cinema ads. In the UK, they are less favourable about all advertising formats than the global average: TV ads score 14% favourability compared with a global average of 26%. 

“Marketers need to take this group of young adults very seriously as they exhibit markedly different preferences and behaviours from previous generations," said Jane Ostler, managing director for media & digital at Kantar Millward Brown UK.

"In particular brands need to have a clear strategy for incorporating and justifying innovation within their marketing activity, as it will rapidly become the norm.” 

Full findings can be accessed here