NEWS3 August 2021

UK draft digital identity framework published

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UK – The government has published a second version of its digital identity trust framework as the UK pushes forward with plans to make it easier to share data between organisations and individuals.


The draft rules govern the future use of digital identities, and how organisations can be assessed and certified for providing secure digital identity services.

The draft framework is part of government plans to help people to have a non-ID card, safe digital identity online.

The sharing of data between organisations is also covered by the framework, which the government has announced will now be tested with service providers.

The new version of the framework follows a first version published in February 2021 and a consultation which was launched in July.

Updates to the framework include new guidance on creating a consistent approach on user experience, rules on how to manage digital identity accounts, clearer definitions for the framework’s role and details on how organisations will be certified.

Organisations are being invited to apply to test the framework, with applications closing on 13th September, and if successful is planned to be brought into law.

Matt Warman, digital infrastructure minister, said: “Whether someone wants to prove who they are when starting a job, moving house or shopping online, they ought to have the tools to do so quickly and securely.

“This will make life easier and safer for people right across the country and lay the building blocks of our future digital economy.”