NEWS27 July 2017

UK consumers increasingly impatient

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UK – Over two fifths ( 42%) of UK consumers admit to being more impatient today than they were five years ago, according to new research from media agency Fetch and YouGov.

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The research report, The Instant Gratification Nation, claimed that this impatience is due to ‘an over reliance on technology to complete everyday life activities'. 

More than half ( 52%) of millennials said they were more impatient today than they were five years ago as a result of their reliance on technology, compared with 34% of those aged 55 and over. 

The most frustrating experience among UK consumers was revealed to be making a complaint about a product or service and having to interact with an automated responder/ chatbot instead of a person. There were some age differences, however: just 14% of 18-24 year-olds saw this as the most frustrating experience, compared with 37% of those aged 55+.

The second and third most frustrating things about technology were: when browsing on a mobile phone is interrupted with irrelevant advertising ( 15%); and if online shopping is delivered after the indicated delivery date ( 10%). 

The research also found that most millennials ( 81%) were receptive to using and trying new technologies to improve the speed at which they do things. 

“The Instant Gratification Nation research highlights that the UK’s obsession with technology has created a young generation of impatient consumers who prefer to consume content fast on-the-go via their mobile devices," said Julian Smith, head of strategy and innovation at Fetch. 

“There are clear differences in the way millennials and over 55 year-olds interact with technology and this is an important lesson for brands when considering how to approach them and improve their services.”