NEWS8 December 2023

UK consumers expect brands to speak out on societal issues

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UK – Consumers believe that brands are not communicating enough about responses to societal issues like the cost-of-living crisis and inflation, according to research from social impact agency Hopscotch.


Hopscotch said that 72% of UK consumers, according to a 2,000 person survey for its Brand in Motion report, wanted to hear more from brands on societal issues and 82% believe a brand’s reputation can be successfully repaired.

Brands can gain trust by being transparent in their progress towards commitments to staff and consumers, according to 87% of respondents, with education and climate change two of the top-ranking challenges UK consumers highlighted.

In addition, 79% identified transparent data that outlines a company’s actions and results as one of the most authentic ways for brands to communicate social impact characteristics and build positive reputation.

Hopscotch has launched a framework, called The Path to Impact, to help businesses handle external pressures and consumer expectations, focusing on five phases of social impact – diagnose, define, act, prove and share.

The framework also helps businesses to make sure their actions align to a company’s purpose and tackles the issues that matter most to key stakeholders and audiences.

Marcus Hernon, managing director at Hopscotch, said: “Organisations are under increasing pressure to show authenticity, transparency and commitment to address issues that matter to society.

“Our Path to Impact approach provides a fully integrated offer that puts us at the intersection of social need and our clients’ business objectives. With climate change and education opportunities being in the top five issues that most concern consumers, Hopscotch is well placed to help steer organisations on their impact journey.”