NEWS11 August 2017

Two thirds of Americans equate wealth with good physical health

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US – Just 35% of Americans equate wealth with having lots of money, with the majority ( 65%) equating it with being in good physical health, says a new study. 

According to the Modern Wealth Index from Koski Research and the Schwab Center for Financial Research, over half ( 58%) agree that wealth is about ‘having gratitude', and 56% agree that it’s about ‘building community'.

When it comes to defining wealth, 27% of Americans say that it’s about having a lot of money, 24% say it’s enjoying life’s experiences, 22% say it’s about being able to afford anything they want, and 19% say it’s living stress-free with peace of mind. 

"As Americans’ definition of wealth evolves, the [finance] industry needs to modernise its approach to find new ways to deliver good value and a great experience to a broader population," said Terri Kallsen, head of Schwab Investor Services.