NEWS29 August 2013

Twitter buys Trendrr

M&A North America

US — Twitter has bought social TV start-up Trendrr for an undisclosed sum.

Trendrr analyses data from social media sites such as Twitter to help business grow their brands and the purchase will be used to help Twitter better leverage users’ tweets about television to bring in more advertisers.

Mark Ghuneim, Trendrr’s CEO said joining Twitter would enable it to realise “bigger opportunities that drive better experiences for users, media and marketers – across Twitter and around the globe”.

Writing on the Trendrr blog, Ghuneim added: “What makes Twitter uniquely compelling among these platforms is its connection to the live moment — people sharing what’s happening, when it’s happening, to the world. We think we can help amplify even stronger the power of that connection to the moment inside of Twitter.”

While Curatorr will now be integrated and work with media companies, marketers, and display ecosystem partners to create user experiences, its other product Trendrr.TV will honour existing partner contracts but would not be establishing new ones going forward.