NEWS17 April 2012

Twitter buys analytics startup

M&A North America

US— Analytics startup has been acquired by Twitter, becoming part of the social network’s revenue engineering team.

The news was announced on the Hotspots webpage, which carries little in the way of product details save for a link to analysis of Twitter reactions to commercials aired during the most recent Superbowl, charting the number of tweets per minute for any given ad and a selection of the most retweeted comments.

Hotspots founders Matt Huang, Alexander Spicer and Ashutosh Singhal wrote that post-acquisition, “our focus will be on developing analytics tools for Twitter’s advertising and publishing partners”.

“We founded with the vision of helping companies and individuals maximise their media ROI through actionable and accessible analytics, and we’re thrilled to be able to continue that work on a much larger scale at Twitter.”