NEWS23 September 2010

Twitter analytics dashboard to be launched in Q4

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US— Twitter has a real-time analytics dashboard in development which it plans to release in the fourth quarter, according to Webtrends blogger Justin Kistner.

Kistner was attending a US sports marketing summit this week where Twitter’s business development executive Ross Hoffman was giving a talk, during which he revealed plans to give sports leagues, teams and players access to the dashboard.

The analytics service is, however, unlikely to be restricted to sports-affiliated users. After speaking to Hoffman, Kistner reported that the dashboard would probably be made available initially as a beta release, with a phased roll-out to follow.

Smallthought Systems, the analytics company bought by Twitter in June, is said to be behind the development of the dashboard. The Smallthought team previously built their own dashboard, called Trendly, which was designed to work in tandem with Google’s Analytics data to uncover and overlay key trend lines on raw traffic stats.

Read Kistner’s blog post here.