NEWS25 April 2017

TV viewing shifts to digital devices

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GLOBAL – Laptops and desktops have overtaken TVs as the preferred devices for watching TV shows, according to a new report from Accenture. 

The report reveals that the percentage of people who say they prefer to watch TV shows on TV sets has more than halved in the last year, falling from 52% in 2016 to 23% in 2017. 

It also shows that smartphones have nearly doubled in preference since 2014 when it comes to watching video clips; rising from 23% preferring this medium in 2014, to 41% in 2017. 

And in line with today’s news that Channel 4 is launching personalised VOD ads, the report also reveals that consumers are looking for personalised interactions in their video experience; 44% think getting personalised advertising based on past online searches is useful; four in 10 want voice control to further personalise their interaction with their devices; and 38% believe digital assistants using personal information are useful in providing a more personalised experience. 

More findings can be found here


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4 years ago

The increase is no doubt a factor of greater connectivity and the increase in the average smartphone screen size. Would be interesting to see stats on how much streaming is done in-home vs. out and about...

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