NEWS13 March 2017

TV accounts for 94% of video ads viewed in the UK

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UK – TV accounted for 93.8% of video ads viewed in the UK in 2016 – the equivalent of 18 minutes and 53 seconds a day – according to new figures from Thinkbox

Couple watching TV

This figure is a slight decrease from 2015, where TV’s share was 94.4%, but is still significantly higher than all other forms of video advertising. 

YouTube accounted for 0.7% of viewed ads in 2016 (up from 0.5% in 2015 ), while other online video, including Facebook, collectively accounted for 5.2% (up from 4.7% in 2015 ). Cinema accounted for 0.4% of video ad views. 

Overall, the average person in the UK watched 20 minutes of video ads a day in 2016. Meanwhile, total video consumption increased year-on-year from an average of four hours, 35 minutes a day to four hours, 37 minutes. TV accounted for 74.8% of UK video viewing in 2016, compared with 76% in 2015. 

The video analysis combined 2016 data from Barb (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board), comScore, the IPA’s Touchpoints 2016 study, Ofcom’s 2016 digital day study and Rentrak box office data to give a like-for-like comparison of estimated video consumption in the UK.