NEWS6 April 2010

Turkish industry bodies plan new TV ratings committee

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TURKEY— Three industry associations have joined forces to revamp TIAK, the joint industry committee for TV ratings in Turkey, after the country’s Competition Board ordered the body to restructure.

TIAK was initially given a 90-day deadline to restructure itself, hire professional staff and make its methodology publicly available, having been found by the Competition Board to be “lacking in structure and technical ability”.

That deadline expired yesterday, however TIAK has been given a 60-day extension after the chairman of the Advertising Association (RD), the Association of Advertisers (RVD) and the TV Broadcasters’ Association agreed to establish a new association to replace the existing TIAK set-up.

Former TIAK president Ömer Kayal?o?lu, whose term finished in March, told Research: “We hope to resolve the issues and get permission [to start operating] from the Competition Board by the end of May.”

In October last year, TIAK awarded the country’s TV measurement contract to TNS, who will replace current supplier AGB Nielsen in 2011.

Kayal?o?lu said there should be “no risk” to the TNS contract if the Competition Board gives the revamped association the all-clear to commence operations.