NEWS25 September 2017

Trust issues rife among UK shoppers

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UK – Almost half ( 46%) of UK shoppers are cynical, not agreeing with the statement that ‘they are trustful of others’, according to research from Shoppercentric.

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The impact on retailers of this cynical shopper syndrome is potentially significant as people lose trust and take their business elsewhere if they are not happy with the company’s business practices. Thirty-six percent said they have ‘stopped buying a brand or using a company because they were uncomfortable with something they did’.

Almost three quarters ( 74%) agreed that they ‘want to feel good about the retailers they use’ and ( 73%) that ‘they want the money they spend to go to companies the trust’.

In comparison with other institutions and businesses, shoppers rate corporate retailers and brand poorly at putting consumer interests first.

The ‘WindowON…Trust Issues’ report involved research among 1,048 UK adult shoppers through online interviews conducted in August 2017.

Danielle Pinnington, managing director at Shoppercentric, said: “Over the past few years, with the rise of social media and 24/7 news, it has become clear that consumers are increasingly aware of shortfalls in the behaviour of the companies they buy from.

“There’s the potential for serious impact on businesses when trust issues lead to a negative change in behaviour, something retailers can ill-afford to happen. These days if shoppers don’t like what a retailer or brand says or does, they can vote with their wallets because they have so many choices available to them.”