NEWS4 April 2011

Truchot: Rivals must collaborate for future of MR


UK— Ipsos CEO Didier Truchot believes the big beasts of the research world need to find ways to collaborate with one another in order to safeguard the future of the market research industry.

In an interview with Research, he said large agencies have some “social responsibilities” for the industry in which they operate.

“Even if we are competing very seriously against one another, we need to find a way in which we can collaborate in the right way in helping this industry to go to another stage,” Truchot said.

“There are a couple of things we should avoid – one is to become complacent and lazy and to believe that because we are large we are good, two is to stay very conservative in how we are working… and three would be to try to compete in a way which becomes unsafe.

“For instance when one of my competitors has hunted 400 Ipsos executives around the world very recently, we’re going in a direction where companies will spend more time protecting themselves than working with their clients.”

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9 years ago

I can only agree. We've just launched an intiative in France to have MR people collaborate with each other to create a new event for the market. Close to 200 people have joined so far. It's by working together that we will develop the market. Not fighting one after the other. Let's create our blue ocean !!

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