NEWS22 April 2010

Triple-S validation suite goes live

Technology UK

UK— Data geeks rejoice! Today saw the launch of a web-based validation suite, two years in the making, that allows MR software developers and users to test that the data exports they create are fully compliant with the Triple-S data transmission standard.

Development of the validation suite was funded by GfK, Ipsos Mori, Kantar, Synovate and TNS.

Announcing the plans back in February 2008, Triple-S development group spokesman Laurance Gerrard (pictured) said the service would act as a form of “self-certification” for the standard, which is designed to ensure error-free transmission of research data between different software platforms.

Users of the validation suite will be able to submit an export document through the Triple-S site and in return they’ll receive either confirmation that the export conforms to the standard or a list of messages indicating where any faults lie.

Gerrard said: “This is an important step forward for the standard as for the first time users will have instant recourse to testing their exports.”