NEWS3 August 2022

Trio of digital political firms launch media-buying tool

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US – Cookieless targeting and identity graph solutions firm Semcasting and L2 Inc, a specialist in voter and consumer data, together with data-enabled technology platform Xandr, have launched a new digital political media-buying solution.

Person voting in US elections

The new suite of daily voter segments combines the capabilities of the three companies to help align voter outreach programmes in the US with campaign spending.

Voter audience data updated daily on the tool to allow advertisers to tailor their message to exactly where the constituent is in the voting process.

The new tools also allow political advertisers to reduce the amount of time spent waiting on data onboarding through data sync, and automatically update new segments daily to message directly those constituents who have confirmed interest in voting by requesting an absentee ballot or registering to vote. 

In addition, users can apply the early voter audience segments as a negative target to make sure no money is spent on voters who have already cast a ballot

“With such a large amount of spend concentrated in such a short amount of time, it is paramount that political advertisers know they have all the tools available to reach voters when it matters most based on real-time voter updates,” said Erik Brydges, head of political for Xandr,

“Partnering with Semcasting and L2 to offer this suite of daily voter segments through our built-for-political platform further helps our political advertiser clients quickly and efficiently engage with voters in all 50 states, up and down the ballot.”