NEWS9 May 2012

Trial date set in case of iPhone data sharing

Legal North America

US— A trial date has been set in the case of a group of iPhone users who are suing Apple and a number of tracking companies over the collection and sharing of personal information taken from their devices.

The original version of the lawsuit was dismissed last year, with Judge Lucy Koh ruling that plaintiffs had failed to demonstrate that they had suffered any harm from having their unique device identifiers, location data and in-app activities tracked by third-parties.

Plaintiffs revised their complaint to argue that they paid more for their phones than they otherwise would have had they known about the data collection and tracking. They also argue that the tracking activities required the use of battery power, storage and bandwidth that the user had to pay for.

A seven-day jury trial is slated to begin on 16 September 2013. Before that comes mediation, set for 14 June.

Named in the suit alongside Apple is analytics firms Flurry and Medialets, ad networks AdMarvel and AdMob, and Google, owner of ad network DoubleClick and the Google Analytics service.