NEWS13 June 2022

TRA partners with ThinkTV

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NEW ZEALAND – Insight and research agency TRA and television advertising industry body ThinkTV have formed a strategic partnership to provide insights on advertising effectiveness.

Couple watching TV

The agreement will see TRA and ThinkTV regularly identify New Zealand’s favourite television commercials and provide key insights for marketers and agencies on the adverts’ appeal.

Carl Sarney, head of strategy at TRA, said: “We partnered with ThinkTV to continue learning about New Zealanders’ favourite TV ads so we could share the insights with brands and marketers.

“By looking at the themes across the favourite ads, and speaking to the marketers behind those ads, we can share key learnings about how to craft remarkable, rewarding brand stories that get remembered and ultimately translate to sales results.”

Jodene Murphy, general manager at ThinkTV, said: “The critical role that TV advertising plays in generating commercial results for brands is well documented. But the right media choices are only part of the puzzle.

“There is so much data now to show that it is just as important to make great creative choices, but it is much harder to quantify what makes a great creative choice. That’s why we wanted to work with TRA.”