NEWS4 September 2013

Topsy takes Twitter back to the start

Data analytics North America

US — Social analytics platform Topsy is placing the entire history of public tweets onto its social data index.

The entirety of Twitter, dating back to the first-ever tweet in March 2006 (pictured above), will be available in all Topsy products, including Topsy Pro, Topsy APIs, and the social search service that Topsy provides for free on its website.

The company claimed that with more than 425bn tweets, videos, images, blog posts, and pins in its index, Topsy now provided more indexed, instantly retrievable social data than any internet search engine.

Topsy CEO Duncan Greatwood said: “With every tweet back to 2006 in the index, we’re providing a complete historical context that helps companies understand and deliver on what audiences want, fuel better marketing campaigns, and make better business decisions.”

The Topsy index will be updated today ( 04.09.13 ) at 16.00 BST.