NEWS6 October 2023

Top 75 UK brands shrink in value, finds Kantar BrandZ

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UK – The UK’s top 75 brands fell in combined value in the past year by 14%, with Vodafone retaining it top spot in the Kantar BrandZ rankings.

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BrandZ found that the top 75 UK brands are now worth $242bn, a 14% drop year-on-year compared with a global fall of 20%.

However, since 2020 the most valuable global brands have increased their value by 39%, compared with 6% in the UK.

Kantar BrandZ runs annual global and local brand valuation rankings based on financial data and brand equity research.

Vodafone retained top spot in the rankings, with HSBC, Shell and BP rounding out the rest of the top four.

Whisky brand Johnnie Walker entered the top five for the first time with a value of $10.9bn, a 32% increase on its level in 2021.

The rest of the top ten were, in order, BT, Tesco, Sky, Dove and Cadbury.

Along with Johnnie Walker, Burberry is the fastest growing brand in the top 20, achieving a 17% increase to hit $4.7bn and putting it in 15th place.

Adele Jolliffe, head of brand consultants at Kantar Insights UK, said: “The UK’s year-on-year performance may paint a similar picture to the global trend but if we dig a little deeper into the numbers, UK is lagging in the medium term.

“UK brands are actually falling behind their global peers and the few success stories are an exception to the rule.

“Of the eight markets we analysed, UK brands are right at the bottom for how different consumers perceive them to be. We have some incredibly well-known names in this country and they come to mind easily for people, but being familiar isn’t enough to get consumers to put their hands in their pockets and pay the prices brands need to charge to sustain healthy margins.”