NEWS22 November 2016

Toluna’s Healthcare practice expands patient access

Healthcare News North America

US — Toluna has announced a strategic partnership that gives its clients increased access to hard-to-reach patients for survey research. 


Toluna’s Healthcare Practice, based in North America, offers access to physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other medical professionals, as well as patients. 

The practice has announced new-found access to hard-to-reach patient segments, who are sourced via a network of physicians who perform the recruitment and screening. Patients can now be identified via their use of a specific type of medication or through suffering from a specific ailment or symptoms. 

“We believe that it’s critical to have an in-depth knowledge not only of the healthcare landscape but how to engage with survey respondents in effective ways," said Steve Orlick, VP Healthcare, Toluna.  

"Our clients have diverse needs, and we’re always looking for new ways to help them access the precise audience they need for their research studies.”