NEWS1 December 2015

Tobii launches large-scale eye tracking survey panel

Europe News

SWEDEN — Eye-tracking research company Tobii Pro has released what it claims is the world’s first large-scale survey panel with continuous online attention data collection from 1,000 eye trackers.

Tobii has signed an agreement with Adssets, an advertising solutions provider serving many of the leading online publishers in the Nordics and Europe, to provide data from the panel starting in the first quarter next year.

In a representative sample of Sweden’s population, 1,000 households will opt-in to the panel and have an eye tracker attached to a laptop or desktop computer in their home. This panel enables attention data to be collected continuously from a large number of people during their everyday use of digital media.

The data will be converted to visual engagement metrics, which Adssets will make available to publishers and brand owners.