NEWS5 September 2013

TNS wins EU research contract renewal

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UK — TNS has kept the $85m framework contract to measure European public opinion for the next four years.

With competition from Ipsos, Gallup and GfK, the European Commission and European Parliament renewed TNS’s contract to deliver the $85m EU Standard Eurobarometer study, which measures public opinion in Europe and covers a number of important issues facing the EU including the economic situation, globalisation, and the protection of the environment.

The renewal comes after TNS’s contract for the Eurobarometer Qualitative Studies worth $25m over four years was also renewed earlier this year.

TNS global head of political & social Leendert de Voogd said: “The combination of both qualitative and quantitative Eurobarometer contracts will enable us to provide policymakers with comprehensive information to help them in their decision-making processes and the drafting of European-wide public policies.”