NEWS13 February 2012

TNS to resurrect Turkish TV ratings – report


TURKEY— TNS will begin to provide TV ratings in Turkey in May, according to reports, after previous provider AGB Nielsen’s work was suspended amid allegations that panel members’ details had been leaked.

Bloomberg reports that TNS will start counting audiences in May through a panel of just over 1,000 households, increasing to 3,500 in September. The results will be audited by ratings body TIAK and state broadcaster RTUK.

The previous contract had been held by AGB Nielsen and was due to expire later this year, with TNS due to take over. However, allegations over panel members’ details being leaked to third parties – leaving ratings open to potential manipulation – led to a police investigation, and caused TIAK to pull the plug on the Nielsen deal early. The country has gone without ratings since December.

Stories about panellists being offered money by TV companies to alter their viewing habits previously surfaced in 2009.