NEWS24 August 2010

Tivo set to open up web viewing data stream

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US— Tivo is to begin reporting data on how much time its set-top box owners spend watching web content via their televisions, alongside its existing measurement of linear and time-shifted TV viewing behaviours.

The addition of web usage data is possible as Tivo’s digital video recorders allow customers to stream content from online services such as Netflix and YouTube.

Speaking to the New York Post, Tivo CEO Tom Rogers (pictured) said: “We now have the ability to say people are spending X amount of time watching broadcast, Y watching cable, either in recorded mode or live and then on broadband, streaming versus downloads, podcasts and user-generated content.”

The web viewing data is set to be made available as part of Tivo’s Stop Watch ratings service, which anonymously collects second-by-second and time-shifted viewing data from 300,000 US households.