NEWS9 May 2013

TiVo adds psychographic data to its targeting software

Data analytics North America

Media marketing and analytics software provider TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA) has extended its targeting capabilities with psychographic survey data.

The subsidiary of DVR maker TiVo has extended its advertising optimisation software with PowerIIWatch, a panel of 48,000 TiVo households that have given their viewing information and respond to monthly online surveys.

TRA said that advertisers would now be able to look at the TV tuning behaviours of households based on attitudes and other behavioural characteristics such as the intent to purchase a new vehicle, types of favourite movie genres, political affiliations and travel ambitions.

CEO of TRA Mark Lieberman said: “We now can help advertisers reach their target audience on TV based on consumers’ attitudes about what they buy. For instance, movie studios can use our solutions to allocate ad buys to programmes and networks that reach moviegoers that are fans of certain movie genres or are planning to see a movie in a theatre that month.”