NEWS25 January 2012

Time Warner unveils hi-tech media lab

North America

US— Time Warner has opened a media lab at its New York headquarters to carry out research into consumer behaviour and media habits.

The lab, which opened today, contains a 50-seat theatre, an “in-home style” living room, a retail area with a mock checkout, an eye-tracking station and gaming stations. These can be observed by researchers at the lab, or remotely from anywhere in the world.

There are also facilities for emotional testing using biometric monitoring devices, and several focus group and observation rooms.

The lab has been set up by the Time Warner Research Council. Ipsos MediaCT served as primary partner in its development, with input from Schlesinger Associates and neuroscience researcher Innerscope.

Jeff Bewkes (pictured), Time Warner’s chairman and CEO said: “By opening this lab, we’re able to elevate the art of creating and distributing compelling content to the next level.The Medialab’s cutting-edge technologies and the breadth of its research capabilities will give our businesses and ad partners an unmatched ability to look inside the mind of the consumer as we develop even more engaging content. And the fact that it is located in the heart of New York City makes it even more valuable.”

Ipsos MediaCT president Bruce Friend added: “Having the ability to effectively test consumer reaction to all types of media will revolutionise business and research. The possibilities for transformative research in the lab connect content to the consumer like never before.”

Time Warner’s news network CNN has already used the lab to look at audience reaction to yesterday’s State of the Union speech in the US, and fellow Time Warner brand Turner will use it show how audiences interact with the upcoming NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship.