NEWS22 January 2016

Time Inc. launches voter-targeted publisher platform

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US — Media company Time Inc. has joined forces with Audience Partners to launch CampaignFocus, a data-driven, voter-targeted publisher platform. 

CampaignFocus will combine Time Inc.’s audience data with Audience Partners’ National Online Voter File database to offer data-driven, contextual targeting to digital advertising for politics and advocacy. 

“Time Inc. consumers care a great deal about the future of our nation and over index for participation in national and local elections, said Dr. JT Kostman, chief data officer, Time Inc.

"Launching CampaignFocus in partnership with Audience Partners is another way we are connecting voters with the campaigns and causes making headlines today.

"Our ability to place ads contextually—to reach voters as they read about the implications of cyber attack in Fortune or national security and immigration policies in Time or to reach the millions of moms who read People and care about the economy—will prove to be the next frontier in political and cause marketing.”