NEWS12 May 2020

TikTok privacy policies scrutinised by Dutch DPA

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NETHERLANDS – The Dutch Data Protection Authority will investigate social media platform TikTok over privacy concerns.


The investigation will look at whether TikTok adequately protects the privacy of children under Dutch law and the General Data Protection Regulation.

The Dutch DPA expects to publish its initial findings later this year.

Last month, TikTok outlined some data security measures it was implementing, including new policies on global data residency, data movement and data storage access protections worldwide.

Monique Verdier, deputy chair of the Dutch DPA, said: “We will investigate whether the app has a privacy-friendly design. We’ll also check whether the information TikTok provides when children install and use the app is easy to understand and adequately explains how their personal data is collected, processed and used.

“Lastly, we’ll look at whether parental consent is required for TikTok to collect, store and use children’s personal data.”